About our Inventory Services

An inventory is a binding document that provides an accurate written record of the condition and contents of a property at the beginning of a tenancy. A good quality inventory is so important to letting a property and some property owners do not appreciate that everyone who rents their property will return it in the same condition as it was first rented in.

An inventory is only effective if it is accurate so, all defects and soiling must be noted. Property owners/landlords must realise that although descriptions can sometimes appear uncomplimentary, it is those descriptions that will allow them to prove whether a tenant caused damage or is liable for cleaning costs.

The following areas are normally included but more or less can be covered by arrangement. Interior condition and decorative order, plus the fixtures and fittings including: doors, windows, drapes/blinds, ceilings, walls, carpets etc. Furniture and other contents, excluding items which are expendable, such as magazines, living plants and other such minutiae any items that have a personal attachment should not be left in the property. Gardens are described in layman’s terms only. Garden statues, sheds, outbuildings etc will be described as deemed appropriate.

*Payment for the Inventory & Check In or Out service is always in advance unless the client has come recommended by a current landlord or known associate. 

Please note

  1. lofts, cellars and any area where access is limited will not be included. Anything considered an antique or of great value must be notified and, ideally, valuations should be provided. It is recommended that a property is cleaned to a professional standard for the start of a tenancy paying particular care to carpets, curtains, upholstery, kitchens and bathrooms. If an item is soiled at the start of a tenancy a tenant cannot be charged for cleaning it at the end. Landlords are also advised to retain all receipts.- where possible photographs will be taken and included in the inventory.- once the inventory has been prepared, if anything is changed or an item added or taken away from the property there will be further costs involved to re-visit the property and make changes to the inventory.
  2. In circumstances where the inventory clerk has arrived at a property but unable to carry out the inventory, check in or out, there will be a charge of half the original job cost.
  3. Photographs will be taken at the time of the inventory.
  4. Meter readings will be taken at the time of preparing the inventory if the inventory clerk has been given the location of each meter. For apartment blocks the meter serial number is required. Meter readings will not be taken if the meter cupboards are not easily accessible i.e. covered by shrubs or any item that impedes access.
  5. Any inventory that is not paid for within seven days of completion will be deleted.
Unfurnished Furnished
One to three bedroom apartment/flat or a maximum of 6 rooms £95.00 £110.00*
One to three bedroom houses or a maximum of 7 rooms £115.00 £140.00*
Houses – four bedrooms and above (maximum of 9 rooms) from £145.00 from £160.00*

*Fully furnished properties that include china, cutlery, linen and electrical items will be charged an extra £25.00
To update and provide new copies of an inventory will be two thirds of the original price charged, the check in/check out fee remains the same. Prices quoted are for a 15-mile radius of Banbury anything above that will incur mileage costs at 45 pence per mile.

Check in or out service
Check in from £65.00 – £85.00 for furnished properties. Check out from £95.00 – £110.00 for furnished properties. (up to three bedrooms or a maximum of 7 rooms within a 15 mile radius of Banbury)

  • Check tenants in or out of the property
  • Colour dated photographs provided of any issues found